Planning your Perfect Night Out 🍸

Let’s face it we have all been there, the moment when we need to let our hair down have an amazing time with the gals or guys (or both – no judgement ha) but don’t know where is good to go. Have no fear! I am here.

Start At :

Don’t get me wrong you can never beat pre-drinks at your house but lets face it, sometimes that means you do not leave the house. So to solve that problem :

  • Tequila Mocking Bird (Clapham Junction): This little beauty is a new favourite of mine. Cocktails are amazinggg! and are presented Instagram worthy. TMB grace our pallets and pockets with 2 for 1 cocktails which are both delicious and sophisticated. My personal favourite is “Disney Princess” as not only doesthe title fit my obvious alter ego (I wish) but the combo of candy floss and vodka is a mix of perfection.
  • Radio Rooftop Bar (ME Strand): When you are wanting to start of your nights with a touch of Class, Radio offers you just that. Giving you panoramic views over London, cosy outside chairs and fire lamps as well as inside modern decor this bar aims to please. Cocktails are classic with a wide variety and is accompanied by a tasteful live DJ.
  • Sketch Bar ( Mayfair): Even though Sketch is known for its restaurant and weird Egg shaped toilets (for those who have been there!). This place definitely caters for your imagination and embraces the creativity of London. On site there are 4 bars so be sure to look around before you fall in love with one room. Cocktails vary according to what bar you choose but, is a certified and must visit place whatever the occasion.


Time to Shake a Leg..

Providing you have survived the pre-drinks you may find it is time for you to let off some steam on the dance floor – a personal favourite pass time of mine!

  • Market Place (Oxford circus) : Many surprisingly do not know that Market Place is actually home to one of THE best basement clubs I have been to so far. One of the few places where the bouncers now know my name. Anyway, Market Place offers a great haven for old school r’n’b and urban classics mixed with a reasonable priced bar. My recommendation would be to go on Fridays as for me that is when the vibe is at it’s best!

    Snapseed (22)
    Disney Princess Cocktail
  • Faces ( Essex): I mean I literally do love this place and have had some of my best nights here. Not only are you graced with the probability of casually bumping into celebs/reality TV stars but Faces offer great deals such as Bottomless Prosecco on Saturdays and my personal favourite- Ladies night on Friday (wooop free entry).  Music is varied and caters to all, drinks are very reasonably priced and is definitely a safe place for wearing that new bandage dress that has been too overdressed for anywhere else! Lad’s umm you can wear that shirt you wanted to wear out too?
  • Bonbonniere (Wardour Street):  This club may have relocated but has definitely not lost its electric Charm. This high-end club is a guaranteed great night out with current music and classics played the atmosphere is magnetic, accompanied with tasteful, fun and grand decor you will be obsessed. The club regularly has events running is is a MUST.


I mean yes, getting your Uber driver to drive through a 24 hour McDonald’s and order a medium nugget meal is kind of a must after you’ve worked so hard on that dance floor. But my lovelies there is alternatives such as :

  • VQ: This 24 hour restaurant sent from heaven is brilliant for satisfying those alcohol drenched taste buds. Located in Chelsea and Soho, you can opt for pastas, all day breakfast and burgers. Literally diners delight. Be warned however, this is a popular spot so it might feel like you are queuing for club entry again, but when you get there it is totally worth it!

Enjoy your next Night’s out and make sure you party and drink responsibly 😉 xxx




Shalishah Loves❤: Joe’s Southern Table and Bar

As a self professed lover of all things smothered in cheese  and fried with breadcrumbs, Joe’s Southern Table and Bar is literally home for me. This restaurant is guaranteed love at first bite!

What’s on the Menu?

Dang Good food! I am just going to jump in and say Joe’s hands down serves the best Mac’n’ Cheese I have ever tasted!! Like EVER! I mean not only is it presented like a tempting bowl of heaven, but the taste is second to none. The christening of breadcrumbs on top gives it a beautiful texture and is definitely a filling tasty side.

Trying to not neglect the rest of the menu, Joe’s also perform with their chicken wings and boneless bites, topped with a variety of sauces such as traditional BBQ and Tabasco Honey which are finger lick’n goood!

If you are wanting to get a real taste of america, Joe’s have you covered with their delicious southern classics, including New Orleans Vegetable Gumbo and BBQ Beef Short ribs.

Cocktail O’clock…

Another of my many reasons I like to sit at Joe’s Table is because of their perfectly blended Cocktails! There is so much to choose from, but of course I will guide you through this wilderness!

Joe’s Popcorn Cup

Advised for two people, but who wants to share (kidding …. or am I). Any way this cocktail is perfect for those with a sweet tooth as it includes coconut rum, popcorn (duh) and Vanilla ice cream- as I said, who wants to share!

Watermelon Martini

A beautiful twist on a classic. In reality is what I always order when I come as it has the paradisiac mix of sweetness and alcohol tang ,perfectly  aided by the combination of red vodka, watermelon and lime.

So Folks! Make sure you check out Joe’s Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden you will leave full and happy, I promise!

Shalishah Loves❤️: The Diner (Shoreditch)

Located in the heart of Shoreditch, ‘The Diner’ provides a taste of America without having the hassle of a 8 to 10 hour flight!


Located in the heart of Shoreditch, ‘The Diner’ provides a taste of America without having the hassle of a 8 to 10 hour flight!

Whats on the Menu? 

A lot! The Diner caters to every sort of craving, from my personal favourite,  All day breakfast which, consists of fluffy  Pancakes with maple syrup (of course), Vegan Benedict & if your super hungry the Lumberjack Breakfast which includes Eggs, pancakes, bacon, syrup and whipped honey butter. Also on the menu are classic Burgers, Hot Dogs and if your feeling  healthy -Salad.

However, what really makes ‘The Diners’ menu stand out is the Blue Plates or what I interpret to be their authentic American dishes and Boy!they are DELICIOUS 😋. Tempting you with mouthwatering MAC & Cheese, Buttermilk Fried Chicken and St.Louis Baby Back Ribs .

To wash it down ‘The Diner’ provides a variety of drinks from your usual standard soft drinks, Beers, Hot drinks and Cocktails to Milkshakes and my personal favourite- Hardshakes! If you are a little baffled by this, hardshakes are basically Milkshakes for Adults, adding that much needed alcohol to a classic milkshake makes it irresistible!7516775616_IMG_2046



  • Blue berry Pancakes: I am a massive pancake critic simply because I love them so much and know what the perfect pancake should taste like (to me). ‘The Diner’ deliver this perfection with its fluffy texture, sweet balance and the ability to take me back to San Francisco where I first tried blubbery pancakes. All the pancake choices are amazing and if in limbo on what to choose staff are usually pretty happy to mix and match for you !
  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken: Even writing about it makes me hungry! This plate of food is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury and I know many do not understand how chicken and waffles go together but people.. It just does! Waffles taste amazing, iHop lovers eat your heart out. Chicken is seasoned and juicy and when smothered in Bacon Gravy you have yourself a little piece of heaven. You can thank me later!
  • The Kraken ( HardShake): Basically  banana milkshake with so much more star power. I must admit it is a bit on the sweet side but the balance of the Kraken Rum makes it a easy shake to sip and Enjoy!


A great place for having a temporary but satisfying taste of America. Staff are very friendly and menu is reasonably priced



Address: 128-130 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3AQ