R&R Luxury Travel Kit Review

Let me guess, your social media feed is now full of poolside pictures, cidres in the park, people going out more and wearing less ( amen to drake) and the excitement of finally going on that holiday you booked 5 months ago ! Yes summer is here finally and R&R luxury have launched their first travel kit perfect for your skin not only just for summer but for all seasons if you ask me.

About R&R Luxury

Founded by Beauty Entrepreneur Valerie Obaze in 2010, R&R is a luxury beauty brand is founded on the philosophy of transforming one of nature’s purest and richest gifts – Shea – into the most enriching beauty products. This ingredients of this pure and natural brand is beneficial for the whole family men, women and children.

What’s inside the travel kit ?

Within this simplisticcanvas bag are all you really need for your skin when travelling

  • Shea oil (Serenity)
  • Liquid black soap cleanser
  • Shea lip butter

How long does it last ?

I received this travel kit a month ago and still have product left over which I feel could probably last me another month or so. This is based on me using the Shea oil and liquid black soap twice a day and the lip butter as a base before lip gloss application which honestly only God knows how often I do that lol. But overall I would definitely say it is amazing value for money !

How do I use each product?

  • Shea oil– R&R Luxury recommend using this multipurpose oil after a bath or shower, mixing with Everyday cream whilst skin is still wet to help with scarring, dry skin, soothe skin burn and also sensitive skin. Personally I used a small amount (1 pump) on my face after cleansing with the liquid black soap. The results where instant and found a difference to the hydration in my skin within days
  • Liquid Black soap- This too can be used for both face and body which is what I love about natural skincare products. I can safely say my face ( which is usually very sensitive) responded extremely well to this product and did notice a natural glow.
  • Shea Lip Butter- As recommended by R&R themselves, apply as often as you want for kissable lips !

How much is it ?

£12.00 which when compared to the products you receive, how long they last for and other travel kits on the market- it is great value for money!

Where can I buy this product?

Online at https://www.randrluxury.co.uk

Do I need this ?

Yes you do ! If you are prone to having dry/sensitive skin, prone to flaring up at the wrong time and instead want confidence in knowing that your skin will be looking flawless all summer long then the R&R travel kit/ range is for you!

Happy travels !xx

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Skincare Review: Skin Kissed Facial Serum

Lets face it, any one of us who believes they can cake over their imperfection in the heat of summer with the best foundations, concealers and the works have obviously not been in the heat all I am saying is sweat! It is time to let those pores breathe a little and the only way we can is making sure our skin is perfect from now is by using skin kind products such as Skin Kissed Vitamin C Serum.

I was sent this product two weeks ago and already can see and feel a difference as, my face is smoother, less prone to drying out and dewy.

What’s in it?

Aqua ( water), rosa damascene (rose water) vitamin c (ascorbic acid) glycerine hyaluronic acid, Phenoxyethanol, marine collagen (fish) those are the ingredients.

Is this Vitamin Skincare Product Cruelty-free?

Yes! According to this animal loving brand this product has “never come close to an animal”.

Possibly acne/allergy/troubling for some ingredients?

Although it’s obviously possible to be allergic to anything, I personally did not experience any side effects from using this product.

How do you use it?

Skin Kissed suggests using this product twice daily for maximum results even though results vary according to skin type. I personally would apply the serum in the morning just before applying my makeup. I found this super effective as it made my makeup glow and also helped my skin stay hydrated throughout the day. Additionally I would then use this serum after cleansing my face as part of my night time routine.

How much is it? /Size/Approximate cost per usage?
£29.95 for 20ml. How long it lasts depends entirely on how dehydrated you are and how regularly you use it. If you’re using it twice a day, you should be good for about a month. This serum is high-end in its price range however Skin Kissed do not use any cheap chemicals or useless oils and their formula is natural with high percentages of active ingredients, which does justify the amount spent for fast results.

How’s the distribution? Available freely or limited?
At present this product can be found online at https://skinkissed.co/ but does ship worldwide.


What’s good about it?
Does what it says on the packet which is enhancing the quality of your skin. This truly water-based formula can be used as a moisturiser for acneic or combo skins or a serum under a slightly heavier cream for really dry or dehydrated skins. I see evidence of making skin ‘illuminating’ which is a major summer plus!

What’s not so good about it?
In compared to other serums I have used in the past it is not cheap.  Although  it can be used on it’s own, I personally would only recommend using this on its own if your skin is very oily .

Do you need it?
If you are looking to add a serum into your daily skin routine (which you totally should be), I would recommend as the results are obvious and even though not as affordable as other serums in the market, it will be a treat for your skin!

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