Shalishah Loves❤: Joe’s Southern Table and Bar

As a self professed lover of all things smothered in cheese  and fried with breadcrumbs, Joe’s Southern Table and Bar is literally home for me. This restaurant is guaranteed love at first bite!

What’s on the Menu?

Dang Good food! I am just going to jump in and say Joe’s hands down serves the best Mac’n’ Cheese I have ever tasted!! Like EVER! I mean not only is it presented like a tempting bowl of heaven, but the taste is second to none. The christening of breadcrumbs on top gives it a beautiful texture and is definitely a filling tasty side.

Trying to not neglect the rest of the menu, Joe’s also perform with their chicken wings and boneless bites, topped with a variety of sauces such as traditional BBQ and Tabasco Honey which are finger lick’n goood!

If you are wanting to get a real taste of america, Joe’s have you covered with their delicious southern classics, including New Orleans Vegetable Gumbo and BBQ Beef Short ribs.

Cocktail O’clock…

Another of my many reasons I like to sit at Joe’s Table is because of their perfectly blended Cocktails! There is so much to choose from, but of course I will guide you through this wilderness!

Joe’s Popcorn Cup

Advised for two people, but who wants to share (kidding …. or am I). Any way this cocktail is perfect for those with a sweet tooth as it includes coconut rum, popcorn (duh) and Vanilla ice cream- as I said, who wants to share!

Watermelon Martini

A beautiful twist on a classic. In reality is what I always order when I come as it has the paradisiac mix of sweetness and alcohol tang ,perfectly  aided by the combination of red vodka, watermelon and lime.

So Folks! Make sure you check out Joe’s Southern Kitchen in Covent Garden you will leave full and happy, I promise!


When In Manchester … 💛

Stay at…

Innside Manchester: Definitely one of my favourite hotels I have stayed at so far in Manchester. Rooms are tastefully decorated with a very modern edge. The Innside comes with a fully equip spa and gym. In terms of location  it is only a 5-10 minute taxi ride to some of the main sights in Manchester.Snapseed (16)

Other Hotels to consider : Double Tree by Hilton, MacDonald Manchester, Premier Inn (Deans gate)

Eat at…

Rosso Restaurant: When you walk into this restaurant it is almost like walking into a majestic Italian courtyard luxuriously vanished with white and marble walls. Now I have wet your appetite with this beautiful scene, lets move onto food! Fresh, Fancy and Full of flavour! The menu presents a flavoursome twist to authentic Italian dishes.

Tattu: One of my favourite restaurants people, it is a must to eat at! Food is delish! Ranging from the tastiest chilli fried egg rice to succulent ribs. Cocktails are insta ready and is the perfect venue for celebrating. One of the beauties of this restaurant is the inside Cherry tree which graces the dining area and glows at night. Combine this with the best food ever and its romance in an enchanted Japanese garden.

Party at…

Club Liv: This venue does require guest list entry usually £10 at the door. Drinks are reasonably priced (definitely in compared to London prices) and options of buying a table is available. Music caters for those old school, grime, house, dance hall and chart music lovers. I would recommend as it is a guaranteed great night out!

Other choices: Neighbourhood, Tiger tiger (on very selected days), Revolutions

Getting around..

Uber Uber everyyyywheerre! take it from me, Uber is easiest if you have access to the app. Most trips cost £3-5.00 to get into the city and places to eat. There are of course buses, taxi’s and the tram link. Trams are very easy to navigate and is perfect if you are wanting to take a trip to watch the football ( united all the way!).

Vlog to follow soon!


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Thought Bubble: Ways to Make 2018 Pop!

Maybe you have just hit the jackpot on a new business venture, thought of a new idea that you are 100% certain will solidify all your dreams. Perhaps this year isn’t about that, perhaps it’s something as simple as getting rid of a dead beat boyfriend (girlfriend) or discovering who your real friends are! Whatever it is here are some points to make 2018 pop! *Cue glitter confetti from the ceiling*.

Be Realistic:

Realism is key, as yes it is the new year but the same crap will come! Look at it that you are getting another opportunity to ace it,  not make the same mistakes twice- learn from those lessons babe!

Don’t Hold back:

I mean procrastination is something that we all have experienced in life and as much as life can get busy, what are you really waiting for, lord knows it won’t be handed to you. So if you have the urge to jump on that wave, take that class or finally develop an idea you’ve had back in 08- lets see some action!

Stay True to you!

Finally the media has cottoned on to the idea of being an individual as beautiful. You may still be in you growth stage but, honey listen, no one does you better and it is time you start liking who you are and loving it!




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How to have the best time in Marrakesh

After being in desperate need of some winter sun, the vibrant city of Marrakesh came under my radar and with raving reviews from friends, I was eager to see what this gem within Morocco had to offer!

After being in desperate need of some winter sun, the vibrant city of Marrakesh came under my radar and with raving reviews from friends, I was eager to see what this gem within Morocco had to offer! 3 hours on a fully booked flight, led me and my best gal pal/ travel buddy to a memorable and exciting holiday and here is a few highlights and tips so you can have the best time in Marrakesh!


Embrace the culture & Get your Hustle on!

Picture this; the golden sun beating down on you whilst you sit and enjoy the freshest mint Moroccan tea at a near by cafe on the corner of the town square, serenity whilst overlooking the hustle of the Medina. Yes- it is a must that you visit the souk markets of the Medina Old town as it is definitely what adds to the character of Marrakesh. With an array of spices- for those budding chefs out there, textiles, pottery and sweet, refreshing Moroccan Tea it is no wonder why many flock to share in the hustle. Whilst I was meandering through the market, I found the people to be friendly and helpful.  Some stalls are selling similar if not the same product so it is important that you bargain a good price. The Medina is a great place also to buy original memorabilia and jewellery which trust me will make a way better gift then the cliche “My friend went to Marrakesh and got me this Mug”.

Snapseed (12)
Receiving Henna at the Medina Markets 

Tip: When visiting the market make sure you have a good idea on how much you are wanting to spend so you can whittle them down to the best price.

What to wear: Obviously every outfit is weather dependant however, I would say ladies cover up! I found it a much more comfortable walk through the market wearing an outfit which was stylish but not too revealing.

For those in need of Adventure:

As a self confessed adrenaline junkie I looked for ways to combine this need with also seeing the beautiful scenery of Marrakesh and out popped Quad biking in the desert. I had so much fun! We booked this package from the hotel which on hindsight would have been cheaper online. However, it allowed us to get transfers to and from the hotel.

We quad biked for 2 hours around the desert, making a stop of in the mountains. On the way back to base, the sunset crept up upon us making it a perfect finish to our quad biking experience. This is definitely value for money and no fear to those less experience quad bikers, there is a guide on hand and the bikes are automatic.


Tip: As stated you will save your money if you book online! For example the price we paid for Quad biking via the hotel we could of paid online for both the Quad bikes and Camels.  What can I say.. I make these mistakes so you don’t have too!

The Freaks come out at night:

Admittedly we did spend some of our nights in our hotel making good use of the all inclusive bar and good ol’ hotel entertainment, but, when we did go out we had the best time! Marrakesh is home to what has been labelled as the ‘Best Club in Africa’ and although I have not been to other clubs in Africa to compare, I would definitely say they know how to host a good party.

Clubs in Marrakesh usually start at 11/12 and end at 5 pm. They offer a variety of themed nights throughout the week such as Hip hop and R&B and also my personal favourite… LADIES NIGHT. I mean, ladies I am talking free entry and free drinks for the whole night.The only catch is, that you have to be unaccompanied by a male to get the deal-which for me was no problem ha! For those unfortunate men who will need to pay or on normal nights, there is a 200 Dirham, the equivalent of £20 but this too comes with a free drink in some cases. The standard of clubs are like London’s Libertine, Cirque or Toyroom. The two clubs we visited were called Theatro and 555. Other places which I would recommend are: Buddha Bar, Le Comptoir, Lotus and Le Palace Marrakesh where you can enjoy great cocktails, food and traditional Belly Dancing.

What to wear: Dress as if you was at home

Tip: If you establish a good relationship with a Taxi driver during your stay, arrange for them to either wait for you or arrange for them to pick you up after your night out of town. This usually cost 200 Dirham each way.

Quick Tip Medley:

  • When arriving at the airport the hustle begins! Do not let that beautiful weather woo you off guard and do not pay more then 200 Dirham for a journey less then 30 mins to your hotel
  • New Town brings a more modern vibe to Marrakesh as you will find Mcds, KFC, Zara and H&M as well as many other shops within their shopping centres and promenades. There is also a YSL cinema which is recommended for all fellow fashionistas out there.
  • The weather can be very stunning during the day but drops considerably at night! So do be sure to bring a light jacket or coat depending on the time of year.
  • From experience it is definitely best to bring pounds and then convert your money out there. We found we received a better rate through changing our cash at the Hotel rather then withdrawing money via a Cash point.

I hope you enjoyed and if you are planning to visit Marrakesh have an amazing time!

Also, check out my two part Marrakesh Vlog on my Youtube channel!!


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Shalishah Loves ❤: Le Palace Marrakech

I just love this place! The food, the atmosphere, the decor, everything screams YES! If you a planning a trip to Marrakesh then lovely people, Le Palace Marrakesh is a must!

I just love this place! The food, the atmosphere, the decor, everything screams YES! If you a planning a trip to Marrakesh then lovely people, Le Palace Marrakesh is a must!

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Divine! As a self professed foodie Le Palace Marrakesh ticks all the boxes and easily is the best restaurant in town. Specialising in fine European cuisine your taste bud’s will be tantalised by the expansive choice of food on the menu which includes mouth-watering personal favourites of  Lobster, Lamb shank and Apple Tart cooked to perfection. Accompanied with a glass of white wine (or beverage of your choice) you will definitely have something to celebrate.

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All I can say is when I sat down I was already planning my marriage proposal – it may be 1000 years till that happens! However, Le Palace candle lit table’s create a cosy but very romantic environment to indulge in fine food and have an enjoyable night.  You can either choose to dine upstairs, which carries a Mod- period vibe with floor mosaic tiles and cosy leather seats or indulge in red luxury downstairs which I nicknamed the ‘red palace’.  With its dim lighting and mirrored walls you definitely feel like royalty as you read from their smartly designed LED menus its perfect! Le Palace Marrakesh live by the motto of “first  we eat.. then we dance” which I feel they perfectly embody as whilst dining, you are blessed with the sultry tones of a live singer and DJ.

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Staff are attentive and know the menu well as they honestly give the best suggestions. Overall, Le Palace Marrakesh lived up to its name and I will definitely be visiting again without a doubt! If you are looking for full-flavoured food, beautiful atmosphere to enjoy with a loved one or friends and excellent service then Le Palace is the place for you!





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Shalishah Loves❤ : Crust Bros Pizza

It was after a couple cocktails that I stumbled across this little beauty, in need of something substantial and preferably doughy to get me through the rest of the night!

It was after a couple cocktails that I stumbled across this little beauty, in need of something substantial and preferably doughy to get me through the rest of the night!

This Neapolitan-style  Pizzeria based in Waterloo caters perfectly not just for those pre/post night out cravings but also makes it a brilliant healthy option for those everyday cravings. Sticking to tradition, Crust Bros pizza is cooked in a traditional wood fire oven and topped with fresh combos such as Mozzarella, Sun dried Tomato’s, Spicy Salami and Sweet Peppers ( My personal favourite!).

Snapseed (8)

You can either choose a Pizza from their quirky named menu  or be creative and design your own- this would allow you to choose from the wide variety of toppings and cheeses which also includes a Vegan option. All Pizza’s are prepared freshly in front of you taking around 15 minutes to cook and prepare.

Snapseed (10)

If you are looking for a Pizza place  that doesn’t leave you with that guilty feeling or unforgiving belly bloat, then I do recommend Crust Bros- It will be love at first Bite ;).

Feeling Lazy or Anti?

We all get those days – Trust me! But do not worry, Crust Bros also delivers via DeliverRoo and provides a takeaway service, served in tastefully decorated leopard print boxes!

Snapseed (9)

How I Rate it ?(Out of 10)

  • Menu : 7 – Wide variety and you can not complain if you are able to make your own pizza.
  • Taste: 7 – Very Fresh and just so Yum!
  • Atmosphere : Cosy – Seating is available but on busy days you will feel like one big pizza eating family which, is not necessarily a bad thing.
  • Location 8 – Opposite the station and easy to get to.


Address :  113 Waterloo Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8UL

Who ate all the Pizza ?

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Ones to Watch: Tress Clothing

This homegrown collection oozes the classic modern man. Manufactured in West London, Tress Clothing combines simplicity with Style. 

Tress Clothing designer Stephen Skeete is living proof that if you put your mind to something you will succeed- Hard work pays off! Snapseed (6)

This homegrown collection oozes the classic modern man. Manufactured in West London, Tress Clothing combines simplicity with style. Skeete’s easy to pair pieces consists of textured t-shirts, contemporary bomber jackets and modish tracksuits. Skeete discreetly  imprints his logo onto his clothing allowing each piece to tell its own story.

7516775536_IMG_24177516775536_IMG_2418 The material used  also gives a sense of longevity specially handpicked by the designer himself.  My personal favourite is the suede bomber jacket in black which I believe can create such a versatile look, either paired with a basic t-shirt (Tress of course) or a shirt- lets just say if I was on a date and my man rocked up with that, I would definitely say he was a man with style!


Tress’s Menswear Collection launches in February 2018 and will be available to pre-order, so make sure you do not miss out!

p.s. Ladies do not worry, our time is coming soon as Skeete’s has promised a women’s clothing line to compliment its amazing Menswear so watch this space!

Website: coming soon



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Shalishah Loves ❤: Mercato Metropolitano (London)

Trust me when I say if you haven’t visited Mercato Metropolitano (MM) already then plans are needing to be made! Based in Elephant and Castle, this vibrant space allows you to satisfy every craving imaginable from foods around the world.

Dear Fellow Foodies!

Trust me when I say if you haven’t visited Mercato Metropolitano (MM) already then plans are needing to be made! Based in Elephant and Castle, this vibrant space allows you to satisfy every craving imaginable from foods around the world.img_8543.jpg


  • Variety: I’d say it is the perfect place to go when your stuck with people who either never know what they want or inconveniently never want what you want- yes we’ve all been there! MM leaves no room for the difficult eater as you can help yourself to Vietnamese, Mexican, Steak and Soul food just to name a few.
  • Atmosphere: There is a definite buzz from the moment you step through those large black doors. You are first met by a pebbled garden where if the English weather is kind, you can enjoy your food of choice and a glass of wine on benches or soft chairs outside. Inside, the MM embraces the food market vibe as sweet aromas greet you and seating is readily available. You can try before you buy your food and wine which adds to the hospitable nature of the venue. IMG_7141
  • Food: Fresh! The MM brands itself on the basic principles being; ‘ small is beautiful’ and  ‘natural is good’ which I feel it embraces perfectly as they focus on what the individual wants. Food is sauced from small scale farmers and then prepared freshly in front of you making it that but sweeter, knowing that your helping to give back. The complex has an onsite bakery, coffee roasters, pizza chefs and gives you the opportunity to learn about food and how to cook like a pro! IMG_2147
  • Drink: After a long week at work its only right that we reward ourselves modestly and the MM aids this process. Housing a large selection of Italian wines with staff on job to help you pick, I have not tasted a bad wine yet! For those non wine lovers, all is not lost as there is a German beer bar and also an outside cocktail bar which would be criminal to miss!


Overall, the MM is a perfect place to as it caters to everyone’s needs, as the options are endless.  The food is fresh and presentation is definitely insta worthy #FoodIsBae. It is a guaranteed good time out with friends or family and you will leave feeling satisfied.

Shalishah Loves:

Take a trip to the ‘Slow Smoked BBQ’ stand and try there pulled pork fully loaded fries. Tastes even better then it looks.


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Enjoy xx

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Shalishah Loves❤: Tonight Josephine

I have officially branded Tonight Josephine’s the cutest cocktail bar in town and here’s why

I have officially branded Tonight Josephine’s the cutest cocktail bar in town and here’s why:

Yaass Josephine:

  • It Looks Amazing: If your a lover of all things fabulous, then this has your name all over it! Josephine’s is stylishly kitted out with neon slogans, mirrored ceilings and snazzy interior. All I can say, is if Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn were still alive, they would approve.

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  • Josephine’s Cocktails slay: For starters, Prosseco is 2 for 1- I know, hSnapseed (1)ow perfect! Happy hour runs from 5-7 every single day of the week on all cocktails and boy! do the bar tenders know how to mix and good one. My personal favourite of the night had to be the ‘Flaming zombie’ which consists of Bacardi rum, triple sec, passion fruit, pineapple and topped with of course- fire.
  • Atmosphere: Josephine definitely caters for every type of women with a variety of well known songs setting the mood in the background, it is every bit of a women’s paradise. However, the crowd is very mixed with men and women. Where the guys present must have secretly love the quirky girl power nature of the bar or they’re smart and know where to find the ladies! Either way all enjoy the vibrant night that ‘Tonight Josephine’ offers.

The Debbie Downer 💔

This is by no means something that can be helped by a Bar tucked away in a basement however there isn’t a lot of space! Tables are available to book either online or by calling the venue (which I suggest you do well in advance) but there are not a lot of tables and if you haven’t been lucky enough to sit like loyalty, then you are left walking around trying to perch on the any space you can find. This does not take away from the class of the venue as it does make it intimate and brings a sense of ‘girls night in’ (with a bunch of additional strangers) that is very manageable! I do hope in the future ‘Tonight Josephine’ is able to expand like it’s famous Brother ‘Adventure bar’ and is able to have bigger venue. That would be an icing to an already brilliant cake!

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Website: IMG_8694


Shalishah Loves❤️: The Diner (Shoreditch)

Located in the heart of Shoreditch, ‘The Diner’ provides a taste of America without having the hassle of a 8 to 10 hour flight!


Located in the heart of Shoreditch, ‘The Diner’ provides a taste of America without having the hassle of a 8 to 10 hour flight!

Whats on the Menu? 

A lot! The Diner caters to every sort of craving, from my personal favourite,  All day breakfast which, consists of fluffy  Pancakes with maple syrup (of course), Vegan Benedict & if your super hungry the Lumberjack Breakfast which includes Eggs, pancakes, bacon, syrup and whipped honey butter. Also on the menu are classic Burgers, Hot Dogs and if your feeling  healthy -Salad.

However, what really makes ‘The Diners’ menu stand out is the Blue Plates or what I interpret to be their authentic American dishes and Boy!they are DELICIOUS 😋. Tempting you with mouthwatering MAC & Cheese, Buttermilk Fried Chicken and St.Louis Baby Back Ribs .

To wash it down ‘The Diner’ provides a variety of drinks from your usual standard soft drinks, Beers, Hot drinks and Cocktails to Milkshakes and my personal favourite- Hardshakes! If you are a little baffled by this, hardshakes are basically Milkshakes for Adults, adding that much needed alcohol to a classic milkshake makes it irresistible!7516775616_IMG_2046



  • Blue berry Pancakes: I am a massive pancake critic simply because I love them so much and know what the perfect pancake should taste like (to me). ‘The Diner’ deliver this perfection with its fluffy texture, sweet balance and the ability to take me back to San Francisco where I first tried blubbery pancakes. All the pancake choices are amazing and if in limbo on what to choose staff are usually pretty happy to mix and match for you !
  • Buttermilk Fried Chicken: Even writing about it makes me hungry! This plate of food is the perfect combination of sweet and savoury and I know many do not understand how chicken and waffles go together but people.. It just does! Waffles taste amazing, iHop lovers eat your heart out. Chicken is seasoned and juicy and when smothered in Bacon Gravy you have yourself a little piece of heaven. You can thank me later!
  • The Kraken ( HardShake): Basically  banana milkshake with so much more star power. I must admit it is a bit on the sweet side but the balance of the Kraken Rum makes it a easy shake to sip and Enjoy!


A great place for having a temporary but satisfying taste of America. Staff are very friendly and menu is reasonably priced



Address: 128-130 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3AQ