R&R Luxury Travel Kit Review

Let me guess, your social media feed is now full of poolside pictures, cidres in the park, people going out more and wearing less ( amen to drake) and the excitement of finally going on that holiday you booked 5 months ago ! Yes summer is here finally and R&R luxury have launched their first travel kit perfect for your skin not only just for summer but for all seasons if you ask me.

About R&R Luxury

Founded by Beauty Entrepreneur Valerie Obaze in 2010, R&R is a luxury beauty brand is founded on the philosophy of transforming one of nature’s purest and richest gifts – Shea – into the most enriching beauty products. This ingredients of this pure and natural brand is beneficial for the whole family men, women and children.

What’s inside the travel kit ?

Within this simplisticcanvas bag are all you really need for your skin when travelling

  • Shea oil (Serenity)
  • Liquid black soap cleanser
  • Shea lip butter

How long does it last ?

I received this travel kit a month ago and still have product left over which I feel could probably last me another month or so. This is based on me using the Shea oil and liquid black soap twice a day and the lip butter as a base before lip gloss application which honestly only God knows how often I do that lol. But overall I would definitely say it is amazing value for money !

How do I use each product?

  • Shea oil– R&R Luxury recommend using this multipurpose oil after a bath or shower, mixing with Everyday cream whilst skin is still wet to help with scarring, dry skin, soothe skin burn and also sensitive skin. Personally I used a small amount (1 pump) on my face after cleansing with the liquid black soap. The results where instant and found a difference to the hydration in my skin within days
  • Liquid Black soap- This too can be used for both face and body which is what I love about natural skincare products. I can safely say my face ( which is usually very sensitive) responded extremely well to this product and did notice a natural glow.
  • Shea Lip Butter- As recommended by R&R themselves, apply as often as you want for kissable lips !

How much is it ?

£12.00 which when compared to the products you receive, how long they last for and other travel kits on the market- it is great value for money!

Where can I buy this product?

Online at https://www.randrluxury.co.uk

Do I need this ?

Yes you do ! If you are prone to having dry/sensitive skin, prone to flaring up at the wrong time and instead want confidence in knowing that your skin will be looking flawless all summer long then the R&R travel kit/ range is for you!

Happy travels !xx

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